SeaJong – Mahjong for Kids

SeaJong – Mahjong for Kids online free game. Play HTML5 games with your smartphone or tablet in full screen mode only.

It is the modification of the logical game, where you will play alongside the beautiful sea. The developers made only one, but extremely important change. And this particular change made the popular puzzle even more attractive. A familiar figure made of bones appears in front of you, but they are pictured with various sea creatures, and many of them are animated. There is is a wonderful view of the sea in the background that allows your eyes to relax. Calm waves perfectly complement the atmosphere of Mahjong. Players can focus on the task and simultaneously enjoy the background. Moreover, you hear pleasant music that you don’t want to turn off. Developers offer a calm and pleasant environment for passing difficult levels.


Play SeaJong in full screen

It will be interesting to play marine mahjong in full screen thanks to the perfect graphics. Now everybody can play this online game without logging in. Many people liked the marine theme, but do not forget about the rules for solving logical tasks. The creators did not do anything tricky and left the classic rules but added the ability to mix the figure without starting all over again. Each shuffle gives a certain margin of points, so you need to earn a basic rating first. In fact, you pieces can be shuffled at any time, but you may go into the red by the number of points, which is not the best indicator.

How to play SeaJong for kids

The game is controlled by the mouse. To familiarize yourself with the rules, you can open the assistant in the main menu. There are a few pictures that will clearly help you figure it out. If you are an experienced Mahjong player, you may immediately proceed to the level since the rules have remained unchanged compared to the classic version. You will see an indicator of points and a button for shuffling all the figures at the bottom of the screen. Such a step will be required in a difficult situation when there is no way out.

SeaJong new full screen
SeaJong online

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