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Shisen-Sho online – game description

These days, we can play the traditional Chinese Mahjong game on the computer. In the electronic version, Mahjong solitaire no longer builds pyramids from cards. Tiles with intricate drawings or hieroglyphs appear in the game. In our Shisen-Sho Mahjong , we have kept authentic drawings of the classic mahjong. The classic design of game tiles helps to immerse yourself in an exciting process better.

Shisen-Sho full screen
screenshot: Shisen-Sho game online.

How to play full screen Mahjong Shisen-Sho

You need to notice and remove the rectangular characters, and then find the same pairs and put them in one line. Tiles should be laid so that they are clearly visible together. In this case, the line can be divided only by two right angles.

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