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Who did not dream of becoming an astronaut? Space is an unknown place and it is fascinating. You can start space exploration right now. The Space Cube Mahjong game will help you.

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Space Cubes online – game description

You have a very responsible mission. Going on a long space journey, you need to find brothers in mind. An unknown object suddenly appears in front of a spaceship. It soars freely in a vacuum and consists of many multi-colored luminous cubes. It is very beautiful, but you need to continue your flight. And here difficulties begin. It cannot be flied around because there is a meteorite belt around it. Therefore, there is the only way out, you need to remove this beautiful object from the way.

Space Cubes full screen
screenshot: Space Cubes game online.

How to play full screen Mahjong Space Cubes

As in any classic Mahjong, the gamer’s goal is to find pairs of cubes of the same color located at the edges of the structure, click on them with the mouse and remove from the field. By removing paired cubes, you gradually clear the space and get rid of the barrier.

Space Cubes (video)

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