Сube Zoobies

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All game players like Mahjong puzzles. You can play Mahjong with your children, teaching them and enjoy the game together.

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Сube Zoobies online – game description

Cubes Zoobies is the popular three-dimensional Mahjong with funny animals. The game goal is to disassemble the pyramids from cubes. You can do it by deleting of identical blocks. Cute animal faces are depicted on the tiles in order to find the pairs easier. Look for identical cubs of wild and domestic animals: kittens, puppies, tiger cubs, lambs, lion cubs and others. You can delete only blocks, located at the edges of the pyramid.

Сube Zoobies full screen
screenshot: Сube Zoobies game online.

How to play full screen Сube Zoobies

You have to pass twenty-five levels during limited time. The game will help you to relax and develop your spatial thinking.

Сube Zoobies (video)

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