Sweety Mahjong


Sweety Mahjong online game is available for free and by any of your device on freemahjong.info

Sweety Mahjong online Game description

This game is the wonderful for sugar lovers. Tiles are painted by pastel colors with sweet and delicious meals on the top. Ice-cream, cakes, licorice, etc. Try your best to score the best point out of the game.

This game is made specially for you to play comfortably on any device! Tablet, smartphone etc. Do not feel framed by the ability to use only PC.

How to play full screen Sweety Mahjong

The aim of the game is to collect all the tiles by pairs to clean up the gaming field. You also have bonus time which rises your score. The faster you play the more bonus time you have.

Comments: 2
  1. Den

    Oh dear love colors of the game, just amazing, so sweet and delicious

  2. Aurelia

    even though i an 82 this game is so sweet and cheerfull

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