The Mahjong Solitaire


Mahjong is the game based on the Original Chinese gambling game Mahjong. The structure and the process of the game are similar to the Solitaire.

The game is played by only 1 player, whose aim is to clean up the game field from tiles, by collecting similar items or ivories of the one suit.

Creature and rules of the Mahjong solitaire

The Mahjong Solitaire
Shanghai game cover

This exact variant of chinese game was made by the Brodie Locard in the 1981 on the PLATO programmed learning system. He just changed visual base of the chinese kids game.

After this the company Activision invited Locard to work, and he made a game called “Shanghai”, which was very popular these days.This was the first step of developing the mahjong into the worldwide knows computer game.

You can read and learn much more about History of Mahjong in our article.

Rules of the Solitaire game

Rules of this game is much easier compared to the original Mahjong, where were 4 players and the game was played like poker, where you had to trick your emotions and acumen to win best prize.

Mahjong Tower game
The Turtle of the Mahjong Tower game

Nowadays Mahjong rules:

  • Playing chips are mixing and placed in a multi-layered figure on the gamefield.
  • The Aim of the game is to clean the gameflied by collecting similar items.
  • The bone is unblocked and able to be chosen with its pair when there is no chip laying upon or the left and right sides are free.
  • Ivories are considered similar when they have the same picture on its front side, or when they come from one of the elder bones type.

Gaming equipment for Mahjong solitaire

When you are playing Mahjong online you know that on the screen there will be a gamefield filled with these exact gamebones you need to collect.

You can read more about the variety of the Mahjong: game equipment.

There is used a standard set of chips for mahjong. It usually contains 144 chips of three types: suits, trumps and flowers.


There are three suits:

  1. Dots.
  2. Bamboos
  3. Symbols (Kit. Tun, Chao, Wan, Jap. Pin, So: Man).
Mahjong tiles
Mahjong tiles: dots, bamboos, symbols

Each of them are numbered from one to nine. Four pieces each. Every kind.

Oners (elder bones, trumps)

Those do not various by the number of items, depicted on the chip. They are unique and one of a kind:

  • Four winds (Western,  Southern, Easterns, Northern). Four pieces of each kind.
  • Three Dragons (Red, White, Green). Four pieces of each kind.
The Mahjong Solitaire
Trupms and Flowers Mahjong

These items you can combine with any of the type, no matter the picture is different. Chips are also divided by two groups:

  1. Flowers (plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo). One of each kind.
  2. Seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall). One of each kind.

Features of the game

There is a huge amount of layouts of the chips on the gamefield for playing Solitaire free Mahjong online game.

J’aime Mahjong game
The Pyramid of the J’aime Mahjong
  • The most popular among them all is called “the Pyramid” or “the Turtle” (87-36-16-4-1 tiles).Each of the tiles are playing upon in the middle of the previous.
  • There is one more way to play. The “Flat” mahjong, which is called Shisen-Sho. All the tiles are laying in one layer on the gamefield, and you need to collect all the unblocked items, by unblocking more and more to clean up the field.
  • Each of the Pyramid you play online have its own algorithm to solve the charade.
    Dream Beauty Link Mahjong game
    Examply of the flat Mahjong in girly style

    The tiles are located on the screen in the special way so you could calculate your steps for 3-5 steps further to solve the mahjong. Otherwise you can come to the dead end and the game will be lost.

  • Most popular Mahjong in the West are solitaires with items colored with a lot of different pictures and things. So the Original Mahjong and this one have only the name in common.

You may try these 3 different games and find out which one is the most suitable for you. Whether it is Mahjong Titan, Coffee Mahjong or Jolly Jong One Mahjong? Answer this question for yourself!

Video instruction to Mahjong Solitaire

You may play as much online Mahjong Games as you wish online and for free on Freemahjong! Do your best by learning how to play with this Video

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