Triple Mahjong 2

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Triple Mahjong 2 Game Description

Logic solitaire in the Chinese style will achieve the recognition as the best, from all users, who will try to play the game. Maximize the game field, play in full screen mode. After starting the puzzle, you will see a few figures made of big amount of tiles. Each unit has own picture on the front side.

How to play

You have to look carefully on the all tiles and find out triples — three units with similar images. Just remove them from the gaming board by clicking on them with your mouse.
Remember, the gamer can remove only those tiles, which have free side (left or right) and no units on the top of them.
The game is available for free. The number of attempts to win is unlimited. But be quick, there are strict time limitations for each level of charade. There is another very important feature — the tiles with pictures of flowers or seasons can be else matched together.

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