Triple Mahjong

Triple Mahjong online free game. Play HTML5 games with your smartphone or tablet in full screen mode only.

Triple Mahjong description

Those who regularly play mahjong sometimes face the problem: how to free the necessary dice from the captivity of the neighbors. It happens when you play ordinary, classic mahjong and collect dices in pairs. And now imagine that you need to find not two but three dices in order to move them from the pyramid! And they should be free to choose, that is, not blocked by the adjacent dices on the right and left!


Very Complex Mahjong

The level of task difficulty with such rules is clearly higher. But you are not accustomed to bowing to difficulties, right? Go ahead and fight, as they say. Try to break take the pyramid of mahjong to pieces, destroying all similar triple dices.

How to play full screen Triple Mahjong

Certainly, the clock is ticking, but the authors graciously give us the opportunity to cope with the task, so you can play without anxiety and haste.

Triple Mahjong full screen
Triple Mahjong game online. Time Limit.

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