Wallpaper Connect Mahjong

Wallpaper Connect Mahjong online free game. Play HTML5 games with your smartphone or tablet in full screen mode only.

Wallpaper Connect Mahjong – description

Puzzle joining mahjong with the wallpaper on the bricks is a bit patchy, but the pictures are quite contrasting, which allows you to find pairs quickly. The pairs are represented by two identical wallpaper images. For their removal (and the player’s task is to remove all the bricks), they need to be connected. It is necessary to connect them by the principle of three line segments. If you can insert one or three vertical and horizontal line segments between the bricks, which do not touch other bricks, they can be connected!


How to play Wallpaper Connect Mahjong in full screen

Find all identical pieces and create a link. This mahjong is suitable for playing on the tablet, as well as on the smartphone and PC.


Turn your logic on in Wallpaper Connect

Take a break and play online games that develop logic and imagination and allow you to have a good rest. Relax and get a life!

Wallpaper Connect full screen
Wallpaper Connect Mahjongg online

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