World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong

If you are a fan of traveling around the cities of the world, and enjoy sightseeing, we offer you to play World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong. You will find 20 different Mahjong layouts in each city. To see all the beauty of this city, the gamer need to remove all the chips. There are no time limits. This game has a mode of highlighting the chips available for removal, as well as an account of the set of remaining chips and the number of moves.



But sometimes your wrong actions can block the chips that are on the field and you will not have any moves left.

By the way, among the levels, you will also find those where you need to look not for paired chips, but just the opposite, the only unpaired ones!

World's Greatest Cities Mahjong full screen
World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong online

We recommend you to spend time with pleasure and relaxing in the company of a beautiful and thoughtful Mahjong visiting the greatest cities of the world. Good luck in solving the puzzle!

How to play World’s Greatest Cities Mahjong online (video)

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