Yin Yang Mahjong

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Yin Yang Mahjong online – Game Description

The goal of presented game`— to create logical connection between each two tiles, which are scattered throughout the game field. Actually it is very simple tusk.

How to play full screen Yin Yang Mahjong

You just need to look at the picture of each tile and to find the same image on another unit. After that click on the twins and they will disappear. Repeat these actions till all the necessary units are removed. Pay attention, you do not need to disable entire pyramids. Just match Yin and Yang tiles.

There full screen mode is available. The charade is free. you do not even have to create your own account to start the game!

Yin Yang Mahjong (video)

Comments: 3
  1. Victoria

    Strange for me, seems like classic Mahjong for me, but the tiles are drawn strange lol

  2. Alice

    Like it, simple and easy to find actually. I do not like when game is so detailed i can not find a pair. But Yin Yang mahjong is different, it lets me play as much as i want with no annoying

  3. Linda

    Do not know why this game is so addictive. Love to play it to forget about everything, just to relax a little time, you know.

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