Zoo Mahjong

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Zoo Mahjong full screen
screenshot: Zoo Mahjong game online.

Zoo Mahjong online – game description

This one type of game is made for true biology experts. In the game it is not enough just to match the twin tiles.

How to play full screen Zoo Mahjong

You need to find 4 tiles of different parts of one animal. Sound tough, is not it? Well do not this scary, you have the hint button, and the shuffle button. The hardness of the game rises with every next level.

Zoo Mahjong (video)

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  1. Luc

    Thanks, my granddaughter plays it when i sleep so she does not bother me

  2. Lily

    Animals are my passion. Specially playing ZOO Mahjong online on your site, thank you for this amazing opportunity

  3. Lilian

    Thank you for giving me a splendid opportunity to spend my sunday evenings! Love these cute animals out there)

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