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Mahjong Alchemist Symbols online – game description

In ancient times, scientists, called alchemists, tried to create a philosopher’s stone. They wanted to get gold from any metal with the help of this stone. Alchemists also used special alchemical symbols and magic for that purpose. In Alchemist Symbols Mahjong you have the chance to know more about them. Cones, test tubes, beakers, jars, vials, jugs are the set of game tiles containing an alchemical laboratory. The background also reminds of an era when chemists tried to get gold from other materials. But, as you know, they didn’t get gold.

Alchemist Symbols full screen
screenshot: Alchemist Symbols game online.

How to play full screen Alchemist Symbols

The gamer’s goal is to find all paired tiles and delete them from the board.

Alchemist Symbols (video)

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