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Dream Pet Link Mahjong Game Description

Presented Chinese puzzle — is the best way to get unforgettable emotions, sitting just by yourself before the computer or tablet screen and doing some light mental work. The goal of the charade — to clean the game field from tiles. Actually, it is very easy affair. After the starting the game you will see, that there are a lot of tiles collected into several rows. You have to match each tile with its twin — figure with the same picture on it. Pictures — are images of various cute animals. Be attentive, you can to match together only those items, which have vacant side and its top, free from other tiles.

How to play

The game is designed for logical thinking, so it will be very useful for children. The decorations are else suitable for young players. The playing field painted into pink color and there is green grass on it. During the game player will be listening nice calming melody. But if you don’t like it, or extraneous sounds prevent you from concentrating – turn it off with the help of icon with a note, which is situated in the upper part of the game screen. In any time, you can pause the game and continue it when it will be suitable for you.

Dream Pet Link Mahjong Connect full screen
screenshot: Dream Pet Link Mahjong Connect game online. No Time Limit.
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