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Mahjong Math online – Game Description

The solitaire contains a large number of pyramids. Each one has two types of tiles. The units are not differing by the shape or color. Their distinction is in the pictures. One type has images with various numbers, and other — arithmetic operations. So, must be, you already understand what to do with it. You have to read one mathematical operation, calculate and get to know its result. Then among the tiles of first type you need to find out appropriate number. Match two tiles together, click on them and clean the gaming board on your own.

Mahjong Math full screen
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How to play full screen Mahjong Math

You should repeat describtion actions as long as all of the tiles are matched and the gaming board is cleaned up.

Good features of the game: there is no time limitation in the game, and you can use full screen mode to concentrate as much as possible. Another benefit of the presented charade — shuffle option. If you can`t see available moves any more, just shuffle the tiles and try your sight in new and fresh way!

Mahjong Math (video)

Comments: 3
  1. Finn

    I like this game because it is so unusual, you need to turn on your brain to win. Or to, simply, play.

  2. Diana

    i am 7 i can not count fast enough to win…. unfair!!

  3. Let me count

    Wow never thought Mahjong can be this interesting. Love to count. If you are not the math lovet this game is not for you!

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