Mahjong The Endless Journey Mini

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This Mahjong The Endless Journey Mini is a breathtaking game avaliable online and for free on

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Mahjong The Endless Journey Mini Game Description

This game is created for real professionals of solving solitaire games. If you don’t like easy going tasks then start playing right now! The gameplay of presented charade is very complicated. It’s structure is multi-layered.

There is no right for you on the mistakes, because the option of shuffling is unavailable in this Mahjong variation. Else, you have no hints. All what can help the player is a counter of available moves, which he can use in the game. The advice from experienced gamers — play in full screen mode for better concentration and observation.

How to play

The main task of the puzzle — to match tiles with the same pictures, drawn on it. After this manipulation, the tiles will be automatically removed. Do it till all the units will disappear from the field. You can match only those units which have unblocked side (left or right) and no tiles from the top.

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