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Mahjong Gardens game is made for you to please your sight with relaxing gaming field with classic tiles. Play free online games on

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Mahjong Gardens Game Description

When you start the game you will see a multi-layered construction which you should dismantle. How to do it? Don`t be afraid of difficulties. Ther eis nothing hard to win this game. You just need look carefully on the figure and understand, that it is made of tiles with different pictures. Every unit has own picture on it. Your task is to find similar pictures and click on them both. If your choise is right, the tiles will disappear from the board. The round will be completed only when the board is absolutely empty.

How to play

You can remove only unblocked tiles, which have no units on the top or on the left or right side. Good news — there is no time limit and you can use hints. But be careful, you have only three hints and no more.

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