Russian Mahjong

Russian Mahjong is a Russian version of the famous Mahjong puzzle. It is for true connoisseurs of fascinating game. The gamer’s goal is to search out the pair of the matching chips and delete them from the playing area.



There are 30 levels in Russian Mahjong. Each level of this Chinese solitaire has its own complexity and interesting features. An unusual form of the layout of the tiles may appear at the game new stage. This can be not only a pyramid shape. For a change, the gamer chooses a picture of the chip yourself.

Russian Mahjong full screen
Russian Mahjong online

These are various drawings in addition to ordinary hieroglyphs. The gamer will need attention, ability to think logically and make decisions quickly to successfully pass the level. This is an interesting Mahjong for those who wants to train your brains or relax with the sound of calm music.

How to play Russian Mahjong online (video)

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