Butterfly Kyodai game

Butterfly Kyodai

Play Butterfly Kyodai Mahjong game in full screen mode online on freemahjong.info. Type: 🀄️Connect. Time Limit: 🕑Yes / No.

Play Butterfly Kyodai in full screen.

Butterfly Kyodai Connect Game Description

Presented game is a real peace of art: exquisite design of tiles, relaxing music, impressive visual animation. The main goal of Butterfly Kyodai is completely different from other variations of Mahjong games. This game require player to find and match butterfly wings. Another improvement: after your clicking on the image it becomes animated.

When you will find two identical tiles and two wings will be collected butterfly will come to life and fly away. Impressive, is not it? That is why the game is recommended for people who are in a bad mood. But don’t think that it is very simple affair, try it!

Butterfly Kyodai full screen
screenshot: Butterfly Kyodai game online. Time Limit.
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