Goldfish Mahjong

Goldfish Mahjong game is for you to play online and for free in full screen mode on


Play Goldfish Mahjong in full screen.

Goldfish Mahjong instruction

Play this wonderful solitaire in case you love fishes as much as we do love. There are very unusual rules. You will see goldfishes helping you to win — they will bring you tiles which you are able to match. Also read the “Help” section very carefully, we could lose some rules, that could help you to win. Just bear this in mind.

How to play full screen Goldfish Mahjong

Why this game is not like others? You can not match the tiles with each other, laying on the field. You need to put the tile, that goldfish brought, on the one that is already on the field, and only then you can clean the field up.

Be careful! We could lose some details!

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