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Kris is a fun guy who loves to come up with jokes and fun. He took the things that lay peacefully in their places in the kitchen, and threw them on the table. It is necessary to deal with chaos as soon as possible and return all objects to their places.

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Kris Mahjong online – game description

You will be his assistant in this difficult task. Each identical pair must go back to their rightful place, and you will receive a lot of pleasure from such an improvised cleaning of the chaos reigning on the table.

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How to play full screen Kris Mahjong

Kris Mahjong online – one of the Mahjong variants with simplified rules. The game task is to disassemble a pyramid of scattered objects. The gamer goal is to find a pair of matched chips in order to delet them from the playing field.

Only objects lying nearby can be removed. On the other hand, those that can be connected together by a straight line without crossing another pattern. This game will inevitably drag you headlong into the exciting action.

Kris Mahjong (video)

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