Mahjong Without Time

Mahjong is not only the game, it is a philosophy, which captivates and intrigues. It is like a meditation. Playing it, you forget about time and space, your mind becomes flexible and sharp, and all anxieties fade into the background.



Mahjong is a puzzle, a maze, and solitaire at the same time. It is difficult to give it an unambiguous definition. The presented Mahjong has practically no differences from the classical variant. The rules of the game have not changed.

Mahjong Without Time full screen
Mahjong Without Time online

Accordingly, the main goal is to remove the same paired tiles and disassemble the pyramid. As you progress through different levels, the complexity also increases, which requires increasing attention and memory from the player. It is best to play it in full screen. You can start the game from any level and you will find all the tips on the screen.

How to play Mahjong Without Time online (video)

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