Mahjong Relax

Mahjong Relax online free game. Play HTML5 games with your smartphone or tablet in full screen mode only.

Mahjongg Relax description

Open Mahjong and enjoy pleasant pastime together with quiet music and an exciting game. The rules of it are classic. Pieces are stacked in piles, with pictures up. Piles are placed all over the panel. You have to search for two identical pieces and left-click on them. But don’t forget one important thing – the pieces will disappear from the panel only if they are not squeezed by neighbor ones. Watch your time and don’t waste it. Enjoy the game and don’t be surprised at its growing difficulty with each new level.


How to play full screen Mahjongg Relax

You need a computer mouse to control the game. Left-click on one piece, and then on the next one. If everything is done correctly, the pieces will disappear and clear the panel.

Mahjong Relax full screen
Mahjong Relax game online. Time Limit.

How to Play Classic Mahjong Games

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