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Monkey Mahjong Game Description

Eccept challenge, start play right now and show to everyone that you are worth of rank of best player Mahjong games! There is no need in registration. The charade is available in free format.

The rules of the game are very simple. The round will be completed when there will be no tiles on the gaming board. To remove units — it is exactly that thing, which you should to do. Just look attentively on the playing field, there are so much tiles with similar design. You have to click on them both, after it the tiles will disappear.

How to play

The game is a good trainer for a logical thinking, so it will be useful to school children. The charade is created more for girls, then for boys. Even the color of the charade is pink. The images of tiles: healthy vegetables and juicy fruits, but in no way boring Chinese hieroglyphs. Agree, this fact make the game easier.
There are time limits for every level. If you don’t remove tiles in time, the game will be over. So during the thinking look at the counter time from time. The devise is situated in the upper side of the gaming board: the small quite monkey is running to the tasty yellow banana. When the hero achieves his goal, the game ends.
The charade is difficult enough, so you will need some time for a brake. Do the rest at any time, whenever you want it.

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