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Time Mahjong Game Description

There is original design of the tiles in the puzzle game Time Mahjong. Besides the traditional images here you will see pictures of different watches. But it is not just images. It is magic tiles which have strict impact on your gaming process. Some of the watches will allow the gamer to play slowly, some of them will freeze time or even add it to you in some amount. So good luck to find a lot of helpful images!

How to play

In case of some troubles with moves you can use hints. But take into account, that every hint has own price. You will pay your points for such kind help. And, by the way, it will more suitable for you to switch full screen mode in the game.
The goal of the game to match all tiles into pairs. Units should to have similar pictures inflicted on it. Some of the tiles` pairs, like two sand glasses or alarm-clocks, are able to give you bonuses.

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