Pet Mahjong for kids

Pet Mahjong for kids online free game. Play HTML5 games with your smartphone or tablet in full screen mode only.

Welcome to the elite Pet Mahjong connect

Play a free online version of the game “Pet Mahjong”. This is the newest mahjong with the most charming animals and easy control. Complete all the challenges of classic mahjong!
Regular Mahjong Pet Connect is a fairly simple game, but Pet Connect Elite has many features, bonuses and new goals, which takes the classic game to a new level!


The difference between the elite Mahjong Pet Connect and the usual “connection” puzzle consists in the ability to expand functions and unlock new stages. You can change the screen color to a more comfortable one with only one click; you will be able to save your achievements and leave the game result on the leaderboard.


How to play Pet Mahjong in full screen

Clear the field of pets as soon as possible by clicking on the unlocked bricks with the same animals. Two pets of the same species can be connected and removed from the mahjong field if:

– are located nearby and there is a direct connection between them;
– the track line turns no more than 2 times.

To remove pets, click on one, then on the second. Connected pairs disappear, creating room for new moves. Sometimes, are gold coins and gift boxes under the bricks – left-click on them quickly in order to send to the piggy bank. In the future, coins can be spent on the purchase of useful actions.
Hint – the game looks for pets instead of you and quickly displays a couple on the board. 3 hints are available at the beginning of the game, but their number can be replenished for 10 coins in the improvement store.
Mixer keeps the location of the open spaces but swaps all pets.
Prolong the game – add time in the timer.

Pet Mahjong for kids full screen
Pet Mahjong for kids online

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