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Mahjong is a traditional Chinese game. Many varieties of Mahjong have appeared in the virtual game world nowadays. There are many thematic puzzles dedicated to holidays, cartoon characters, games or movie heroes.

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X-Jong online – game description

Our X-Jong Mahjong is dedicated to Christmas, so Christmas pictures are depicted on its tiles: Christmas trees, Santa Claus, oak twigs, golden bells, Christmas toys, multi-colored gift boxes, colored lollipops, colorful wrapped sweets, gingerbread men, Christmas deer and others.

X-Jong full screen
screenshot: X-Jong game online.

How to play full screen Mahjong X-Jong

Your task is to find pairs of identical tiles and delete them. If you see a tile that is covered with oblique lines, look for a pair of it and quickly destroy it. This will add a few seconds. If necessary, you can use the tips.

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