Mahjong Match

Korean game developers have created an interesting game based on Chinese Mahjong solitaire. The rules of the Mahjong solitaire remain unchanged. The player needs to make out a pyramid of chips. The pictures on the chips are differ from the classic Mahjong. Here there are things that are clear even to a child – guitars, hearts, phones, balls, stars, cats and others. The gamer needs to find paired chips and remove them from the board at a strictly defined time. When a player finds a match, he gets more time.



How to play Mahjong Match – find a pair?

You need to learn how to use the mouse well. Two chips can be destroyed only when they are close to each other. You can remove two match chips by drawing a straight line between them. Special tips will help at the initial stage of the game. The player can see how the game should go and learn the rules.

Mahjong Match full screen
Mahjong Match online

The new Mahjong Match game is more interesting than the old version. Some rules in it have slightly changed, and the levels have become more attractive.

How to play Mahjong Match online (video)

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