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Dog Mahjong Connect Game Description

Dogs — how beautiful they can be, how sweet and playful they are. If you like these small and big pets, you will love considerate game. Presented puzzle is typical logic game, created on the basis of Mahjong. After starting the competition with own mental abilities you will see several rows of tiles with different dog images on it. Your task is to collect pairs of identical tiles. How to do it? Just click on one image and then look for the same picture somewhere else. When the “twins” will be fined click on the second one and they both will disappear. Repeat described actions till all the tiles will go on and the board will be completely cleaned.

The game is available in a free format; you can play without registration. Interesting detail: there is no music during the play, but every time when you will make correct pair of tiles you will hear noise from some dogs. It is so cute!

The game is complicated by time limits. So if you want to show good results, keep an eye on the countdown, which is situated on a small window at the top of the game board area. There are a lot of levels, but each of them will be available after you finish the previous one. If there will be some difficulties just use hints.

How to play

Be careful, every time when you do incorrect match you lose some part of you game time — 10 seconds. The game is recommended to people who wants to increase own logical thinking and attentiveness.

Dog Connect full screen
screenshot: Dog Connect game online. Time Limit.
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