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Welcome to the brand new way of playing The Mahjong game! Here you can play your favorite type of Mahjong online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our site offers you more than 140 species of your favorite game, and keeps seeking and adding new types. Every visitor is respected, valued and treated in a very cozy, gentle, and warm way. We are sure you are enjoying your time here and glad you have chosen interesting and useful way to spend your free time.

Unfortunately, nowadays the majority of game developers do not pay proper attention on mobile device users. They make games by Flash technology, which is impossible to use by phone. But we have changed the way of uncomfortable playing and made our games using HTML 5, which is working perfectly on every device you would want to use our site with.

Why Mahjong games are what you need

If you do things right, you can benefit from them even more than you suppose. So we want to help you to increase skills of your brain, ergo we have done this site to help you develop these features of yourself:

  • Logical thinking;
  • Attention span;
  • Strength your attention focus;
  • Proper relax.

What is our difference and advantage?

First of all, it is our attitude to the visitor. We meet their expectations and do our best to satisfy them. We try to keep high professional level of our product, and we prove it with our statistics – more than 100K visitors monthly. Most of them fall in love with what we offer and come back again and again, is not it the best “Thank you” from a user? Here are some facts and features of our site:

  1. All games are available for free.
  2. All games can be played full screen.
  3. No registration required for using the website.
  4. We’re constantly looking for new games and are immediately adding them to the website.
  5. We do not practice annoying advertisement.
  6. At our website you can find games for any device.
  7. We are always happy to communicate with our visitors.

Mahjong online is a perfect game for any age and gender. It is easy way to sharpen your logic and concentrate your attention on something pretty and relaxing. Of course, the main consist of the audience are adults, people who keep moving accurately and think over their action. But we used to get mails from parents who tried to encourage their kids to play these games, right because of its benefits. Thus we have done our games in different styles and colors, which would attract the attention of our young members. So whether you are young and active or adult and relaxed our site will give you what to keep your eye on.

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